OfficeTeam, 100% on the pavement!

Yes that's www.officeteam.co.uk parking their van with all four wheels on the pavement.

Leaving just enough room for passing pedestrians to get through.

Oh, and the sign says


Cycle Lanes are Taxi Lanes as well?

This taxi driver is making good use of the cycle lane to save a few seconds at the junction.

He then wasted several minutes as he stopped to get out of his cab to investigate why a passing pedestrian was taking photographs....



Cashpoint Pavement Parking

This cashpoint on Whitworth Street attracts some pretty interesting approaches to pavement driving.

It seems that a lack of notes is a regular reason to park here.

This driver has gone for a three wheels on the pavement approach, which is quite unusual.

The fourth wheel is in the cycle ASL for bonus points!


Let's all park on the pavement!

In some parts of Grater Manchester, pavement parking is a group activity.

Here the massed ranks of pavement drivers huddle together for company

all along this stretch of road in Trafford Park.

Sadly the vehicles are not parked close enough together for pedestrians to be able to easilly walk along the top of the cars...


Parking on the Railway

Manchester's advanced drivers take parking very seriously. After all if you want to park for free then you need to invest in the right vehicle.

These M.A.D. people have spent tens of thousands of pounds buying 4x4 vehicles so that they can find free parking places on a section of railway in Trafford Park.

Whilst lesser vehicles have to find tarmac, these off-road vehicles can handle the railway tracks.

It all goes to show just how far some people will go to find free parking in Greater Manchester.

It's what your 4x4 is for...


Cycle Lanes are Bus Lanes too?

After all if bicycles can use bus lanes, then surely buses must be allowed to use cycle lanes.

Many Manchester bus drivers take advantage of cycle lanes to get through the traffic.

However, this driver came to a sudden halt when s/he saw me taking this photograph...