Cashpoint Pavement Parking

This cashpoint on Whitworth Street attracts some pretty interesting approaches to pavement driving.

It seems that a lack of notes is a regular reason to park here.

This driver has gone for a three wheels on the pavement approach, which is quite unusual.

The fourth wheel is in the cycle ASL for bonus points!

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  1. The other day I asked a traffic warden why they weren't taking any action against cars parked in cycle lanes (and on double yellows) in Fallowfield.

    They explained current policy is to give people five minutes to rectify the situation. After which of course someone else can pull over and get their five minutes.

    I don't know how this "you can break the law as long as you only do it for five minutes" rule applies in other areas, like speeding, or assault.

    Just felt like sharing. Carry on.