Cycle Lanes are Bus Lanes too?

After all if bicycles can use bus lanes, then surely buses must be allowed to use cycle lanes.

Many Manchester bus drivers take advantage of cycle lanes to get through the traffic.

However, this driver came to a sudden halt when s/he saw me taking this photograph...


  1. While I applaud your site, and despair of the bad driving we see on our roads, I don't believe the bus is in the wrong here; it is prohibited to drive in cycle lanes unless it is unavoidable, which is acknowledged elsewhere in the Highway Code as including passing slow/stationary vehicles, like the one here waiting to turn right. One would hope, of course, that the driver made sure there were no cyclists in it first!

  2. This is a mandatory cycle lane and this driver is using it illegally. That's why he stopped suddenly when I pointed my camera at him.

    See item 4.2.9 here http://www.tfl.gov.uk/assets/downloads/businessandpartners/lcds_chapter4.pdf

    and http://www.camcycle.org.uk/campaigning/issues/mcls/

    Oh, and don't expect bus drivers round here to watch out for other road users... http://madcyclelanesofmanchester.blogspot.com/2011/11/violent-bus-driver-walks-free-from.html

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  4. Yeah, I was referring to the Highway Code, and the statute behind it, which has provision for crossing into otherwise prohibited areas when it is safe to do so in order to pass stationary or slow vehicles.

    Cycle lanes are established by traffic regulation orders at a local authority level. You would have to look at the specific TRO for this cycle lane to see whether the usual exceptions for passing stationary vehicles has been omitted, but I would consider it unlikely, since the spirit of the law regarding cycle lanes must surely never have been to deny an unoccupied piece of tarmac's momentary use to avoid an obstruction.