Cycle Lanes are Taxi Lanes as well?

This taxi driver is making good use of the cycle lane to save a few seconds at the junction.

He then wasted several minutes as he stopped to get out of his cab to investigate why a passing pedestrian was taking photographs....



  1. Why not find the email addr of your taxi authority and ask them to send a reminder to the taxi about the rules w.r.t cycle lanes. The bristol traffic team does this and they get passed on -a photo is all they need, and a reminder note is an easy way to provide some feedback without you having to shout at them -and as it comes from the authority, may make them realise that their actions do get held to account

  2. I took this video the other day of some other careful drivers shaving a few seconds off their journey.. http://youtu.be/CnH477vdbyQ No cycle lane here, so they had to do it by using the pavement..