Let's all park on the pavement!

In some parts of Grater Manchester, pavement parking is a group activity.

Here the massed ranks of pavement drivers huddle together for company

all along this stretch of road in Trafford Park.

Sadly the vehicles are not parked close enough together for pedestrians to be able to easilly walk along the top of the cars...


  1. If the fading double yellow lines are still in force, paveparking can be enforced by the traffic wardens. They often prove more responsive than the police as there's no ambiguity there, and the fining process is straightforward. Find out the control office phone number and dial them up once a week on a random day, see what happens.

  2. Would you mind if I reproduced some of these great picture on the Pedestrian liberation blog?

  3. Just so long as you link back to here and credit the photographs :)

  4. That is really unbelievable paveparking!.