Manchester Advanced Drivers in Caernarfon

Manchester drivers will go to great lengths to spread their driving methods.

This driver on a pedestrian crossing in Caernarfon is a prime example.

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Wrong Way Taxi Drivers

This was just one example of the many taxis driving the wrong way up Manchester's High Street last Saturday.

Of course they are doing this on the pedestrian green light.

This one finds another taxi coming the other way, stopped in the cycle box.

And then drives onto the pavement to get round.

Almost into the path of the tram.

The reason for this illegal driving was the large crane blocking Fountain Street, where the taxis now frequently block the pavement even when it is open to traffic.


Waitrose Shop Car Park - The Pavement!

A shopper at Waitrose who couldn't give a shit about parking on the pavement.

She probably does it every week, without fail.