Tesco's "Helpful drivers" use the pavement...

When it happens two Saturday mornings in a row it isn't coincidence....

Last Saturday morning, Tesco van parked on the pavement

Same location, the following Saturday, different Tesco van, this time all 4 wheels on the pavement.

Must be company policy to piss off pedestrians then!

P.S. just in case you thought there was nowhere to park, here's the bigger picture.

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Leading by Example, Manchester's Lord Mayor

It is great to see our current Lord Mayor setting a good example for the drivers of Manchester.

The mayor is helping save money by instructing the driver not to use the nearby car park but drive onto the pavement to park.

This sets a great example for all drivers in Manchester...


Coach Driver Finds Parking Space

The coach parking space outside MOSI can be carnage on a sunny day.

However, this driver managed to park on the pedestrian crossing zig-zag markers...


The Church of Pavement Drivers

Pavement driving is a religion in Manchester.

Well the Jubilee Church is one example of the cult...

The driver did a U-turn onto the pavement right in front of me...


Why Waste ASLs on Cyclists?

Why should Advanced Stop Lines be only for pedal cycles?

Here's a two wheeled motorist and a minicab both making good use of cycle facilities on Deansgate.


And here's a hackney carrage doing the same.

 And whilst we're at it, a Land Rover.

But why stop at the ASL?

Here's a rich bastard who sticks his Rolls out into the junction.

Shame he hasn't left the ASL free for other motorists...


You Don't Need 4 Wheels to Block a Pavement

In many parts of Manchester you don't need to have 4 wheels on your motor to block the pavement. Here a local motorist demonstrate that it can also be done with two.

And here is another showing the same trick...

Though to be fair that does make a total of four wheels on the pavement, most car drivers only bother with two...


Pavement Parking by Gemma

Oh and she'll do your nails too, whilst you tell her what you think about people who drive on the pavement.