Why Waste ASLs on Cyclists?

Why should Advanced Stop Lines be only for pedal cycles?

Here's a two wheeled motorist and a minicab both making good use of cycle facilities on Deansgate.


And here's a hackney carrage doing the same.

 And whilst we're at it, a Land Rover.

But why stop at the ASL?

Here's a rich bastard who sticks his Rolls out into the junction.

Shame he hasn't left the ASL free for other motorists...


You Don't Need 4 Wheels to Block a Pavement

In many parts of Manchester you don't need to have 4 wheels on your motor to block the pavement. Here a local motorist demonstrate that it can also be done with two.

And here is another showing the same trick...

Though to be fair that does make a total of four wheels on the pavement, most car drivers only bother with two...


Pavement Parking by Gemma

Oh and she'll do your nails too, whilst you tell her what you think about people who drive on the pavement.


Trafford Council Pavement Drivers

Trafford council have been out trimming plants and tidying up.

There must be some big event on because I've never seen anything like it.

One thing they seem keen to do is make sure they don't obstruct any motor vehicles,

so they park on the pavement...

Just typical of a Tory Council.


MOSI Coaches

MOSI attracts lots of coach parties, mostly children.

Some of the coach drivers however, don't seem to give a shit for the safety of their charges.

This unmarked white coach was parked almost on top of the pedestrian crossing.

Thankfully though we can reveal the name of the company that operates this vehicle.

Sadly a passing police van didn't stop to sort out the situation.


White Range Rover Drivers

The worst in Manchester?

Quite definitely! These two shit drivers were driving on to the pavement when photographed. Shortly afterwards they decided to park legally on the other side of the road.

Others deliberately cut up people riding bikes because they are "getting in the way".


New Moon Private Hire

Here's an example of shit driving from some halfwit private hire driver who should never be allowed on the road.

Parked on the pavement, on the pedestrian crossing echelons and obstructing a cycle route.

Think this was in Trafford, but who cares, it's crap!


Manchester Advanced Drivers in Caernarfon

Manchester drivers will go to great lengths to spread their driving methods.

This driver on a pedestrian crossing in Caernarfon is a prime example.

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Wrong Way Taxi Drivers

This was just one example of the many taxis driving the wrong way up Manchester's High Street last Saturday.

Of course they are doing this on the pedestrian green light.

This one finds another taxi coming the other way, stopped in the cycle box.

And then drives onto the pavement to get round.

Almost into the path of the tram.

The reason for this illegal driving was the large crane blocking Fountain Street, where the taxis now frequently block the pavement even when it is open to traffic.


Waitrose Shop Car Park - The Pavement!

A shopper at Waitrose who couldn't give a shit about parking on the pavement.

She probably does it every week, without fail.



Pavement Parking - Manchester Fights Back!

Over the past couple of weeks the Manchester traffic wardens have been giving the local pavement parkers a hard time.

Tickets have been turning up on cars parked on the pavement at various times of the day 

even on the Pavement Rovers.

Today the latest development was a bicycle-mounted warden turning up

followed by the tow truck!

One might think that the city was taking pavement parking seriously, but I suspect that the vehicles were all being ticketed for parking on single yellow lines.


Barlows on the pavement

Another works van parked all over the pavement.

Plenty of contact information there...


Pavement Parking - now available at ASDA.com

It's odd how delivery drivers feel compelled to stick two wheels on the pavement.

Here an Asda (owned by not-so-nice Walmart) van parks on the pavement despite there being enough space to park a large lorry in the road.

Perhaps this is company policy...


Cabbies to stage convoy through Manchester in protest at cycle lane ban

A huge convoy of cabbies is to bring chaos to the streets of Manchester in protest at being barred from cycle lanes. Private-hire drivers are furious that cyclists can use the lanes but they can not. Transport bosses say the rules are necessary because private hire vehicles are not pedal cycles. They also say any change would cause congestion. But private-hire firms claim that is ‘scaremongering’ and say lifting the ban would help hard-pressed drivers and passengers, too. Now a group of drivers has decided to hold a protest on May 16. They will drive from the Etihad Stadium to Manchester town hall in a convoy at 11am. Organisers claim hundreds of drivers are likely to take part. Secretary of the Manchester Private Hire Association, said: “What we are trying to do is get a level playing field with cyclists. “We carry about 40 million people in Greater Manchester each year, which is a phenomenal number. “With an ageing population, a lot of people use us because they have mobility problems and struggle to cycle. “But we are finding problems because there are miles of cycle lanes and pavements, running past medical centres, pharmacies, hotels and so on, where we can’t pick them up or drop them off, which is a great disadvantage to us. “Sometimes we can’t get our customers to health appointments because we are stuck in traffic when cycle lanes are empty.”

Read more at: http://menmedia.co.uk/manchestereveningnews/news/s/1492431_cabbies-to-stage-convoy-through-manchester-in-protest-at-bus-lane-ban


Pavement Taxi Rank

Here's a new one from the black cabs, the Manchester's first(?) pavement taxi rank.

Notice how they have recycled the cycle lane to make space for vehicles to get past.

Double points for pissing off pedestrians and cyclists!


Road Block

If you want to make sure that people cycle on the pavement, then just block the whole dam road...


OfficeTeam, 100% on the pavement!

Yes that's www.officeteam.co.uk parking their van with all four wheels on the pavement.

Leaving just enough room for passing pedestrians to get through.

Oh, and the sign says


Cycle Lanes are Taxi Lanes as well?

This taxi driver is making good use of the cycle lane to save a few seconds at the junction.

He then wasted several minutes as he stopped to get out of his cab to investigate why a passing pedestrian was taking photographs....



Cashpoint Pavement Parking

This cashpoint on Whitworth Street attracts some pretty interesting approaches to pavement driving.

It seems that a lack of notes is a regular reason to park here.

This driver has gone for a three wheels on the pavement approach, which is quite unusual.

The fourth wheel is in the cycle ASL for bonus points!


Let's all park on the pavement!

In some parts of Grater Manchester, pavement parking is a group activity.

Here the massed ranks of pavement drivers huddle together for company

all along this stretch of road in Trafford Park.

Sadly the vehicles are not parked close enough together for pedestrians to be able to easilly walk along the top of the cars...