Pavements are wasted on Pedestrians

Lots of car parking space here...

Can't see why anyone should complain...

It's called the Hanging Ditch, so they can go hang.


Wrong Way Driving

Police Street is one way. However, this van is facing in the wrong direction in a pedestrian zone.

The driver then pulls off and turns left and drives the wrong way down down St. Anne's Street.



Pavement Driving - shared use...

Mauldeth Road West is a fine example of pavement driving en mass - a far more assertive bunch of drivers out here in the suburbs.

This dual carriageway road clearly isn't wide enough for all the traffic and the cars are even two deep on some parts of the pavement.

Further along the pavement is signposted as being shared use with bicycles, but there don't seem to be any around.

And if you need lessons, then this company is very local...


How to Use a Cycle Lane

Here a Manchester motorist demonstrates how some of Manchester's cycle lanes are wide enough to park a car.

MJ57FPF can be congratulated for parking without obstructing passing motor traffic.

After all who cares about getting in the way of those people who dare to cycle in our city.