Wrong Way Driving 2

Seems to be a bit of an anti one-way street campaign underway round here.


Occupy the Pavement!

How's this for a double wammy?

Direct cyclists onto a pavement and then park cars and vans all over it.

Quite brilliant!

Later in the day the vehicles just blocked the way completely.

Ten out of ten for Creative England who think this is a great place to dump film crews!


Occupy the Bicycle Parking

This set of bicycle parking spaces in Albert Square is usually occupied by motorbikes with the occasional bicycle managing squeeze in.

These motor-vehicles have been parked on the pavement and are occupying spaces allocated for bicycles. Clearly these advanced two-wheeled motorists are making the most of their opportunity to piss off pedal powered cyclists as there is a much bigger motorcycle parking facility on the other side of the square.

Alternatively they can't be bothered to walk the short distance across the square...


Pavement Rover in Water Street

The Range Pavement Rover is a common urban vehicle. Designed to drive over even the roughest of pavements it can take all surfaces in it's stride. You don't feel a thing as you mount the pavement by the pedestrian crossing to pick up your passenger.

After all you can't be out in this rain for too long...


On the Pavement on the Phone on a Pedestrian Crossing at a T-Junction

Here's a piece of 4 in 1 driving. On a busy Saturday evening on Withy Grove/Shudehill this driver drives onto the pavement to make a phone call.

He's managed to park directly opposite the junction with Dantzic Street, right by a pedestrian crossing.

Just outside Greggs...

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Driving Bicycles onto the Pavement

Manchester's advanced drivers use the roads in innovative ways.

Here a delivery driver has taken full advantage of a contraflow cycle lane whilst he unloads his cargo in the middle of the rush hour. This has the added advantage of forcing the commuter cyclists onto the pavement, as they'd be hit by oncoming traffic if they stayed on the road.

Still, they'll be safer on the pavement won't they?

After all the roads round here are used by lorry drivers who couldn't care less about the safety of cyclists....