Pavement Parking - Manchester Fights Back!

Over the past couple of weeks the Manchester traffic wardens have been giving the local pavement parkers a hard time.

Tickets have been turning up on cars parked on the pavement at various times of the day 

even on the Pavement Rovers.

Today the latest development was a bicycle-mounted warden turning up

followed by the tow truck!

One might think that the city was taking pavement parking seriously, but I suspect that the vehicles were all being ticketed for parking on single yellow lines.


Barlows on the pavement

Another works van parked all over the pavement.

Plenty of contact information there...


Pavement Parking - now available at ASDA.com

It's odd how delivery drivers feel compelled to stick two wheels on the pavement.

Here an Asda (owned by not-so-nice Walmart) van parks on the pavement despite there being enough space to park a large lorry in the road.

Perhaps this is company policy...