Trafford Council Pavement Drivers

Trafford council have been out trimming plants and tidying up.

There must be some big event on because I've never seen anything like it.

One thing they seem keen to do is make sure they don't obstruct any motor vehicles,

so they park on the pavement...

Just typical of a Tory Council.


MOSI Coaches

MOSI attracts lots of coach parties, mostly children.

Some of the coach drivers however, don't seem to give a shit for the safety of their charges.

This unmarked white coach was parked almost on top of the pedestrian crossing.

Thankfully though we can reveal the name of the company that operates this vehicle.

Sadly a passing police van didn't stop to sort out the situation.


White Range Rover Drivers

The worst in Manchester?

Quite definitely! These two shit drivers were driving on to the pavement when photographed. Shortly afterwards they decided to park legally on the other side of the road.

Others deliberately cut up people riding bikes because they are "getting in the way".


New Moon Private Hire

Here's an example of shit driving from some halfwit private hire driver who should never be allowed on the road.

Parked on the pavement, on the pedestrian crossing echelons and obstructing a cycle route.

Think this was in Trafford, but who cares, it's crap!